Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Naughty Secretary Re-do

I redid my naughty secretary skirt and a month ago I loved it to death now not so much. While it’s a very nice skirt and actually well made this time I don’t care for the fit. About a month and a half ago I was happy with the fit. The hips could use some give but the waist which is my biggest issue fit ok. Fast forward to yesterday and waist is too big. So now it rides up and there is this odd bagginess all the while there is not enough give in the hips. I really don’t know what I’m going to do. I thought I could just wear a shirt and cover the top but it looks funny. Omega suggested putting some elastic in the waist so I think that’s what I’ll do. The next time I make this skirt or any skirt I’ll make the proper adjustments in the waist and hip as to not have this problem again.

Here are some pics.

I love the serged edges. They made me want to go out the next day and buy a serger. But I quickly came to my senses and calmed down. All serging was done my Omega my sew guru.

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