Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Quick and Easy Project

I love these types of dresses. So when I found a pattern for it I was in heaven. They are perfect when you want to just throw something on and still look cute. The dress is easy enough to make. All it is cut the fabric, sew a seem and add a hem. How hard can that be!

I plan on making 2. I got the fabric at a sale JoAnn's fabric had not too long ago.

The pattern has pockets on it but I'm not adding it. Even though in the picture the pockets blend perfectly into the dress I'm not really feeling how they look. Right now I've cut the pattern out of the black and pink fabric. I just need to size it and hem it.

Flouncy Tank Top Update

I started working on my Flouncy Tank Top. My sizing is all wrong. I made the pattern in a large to account for my bust. I don't really like how it looks as a shirt but if it were little longer and tweaked in some way (what way I have no idea) I think it would be a cute summer dress so that's what I may turn this into.

Ignore the jazz hands...

When I get my sizing correct this is the fabric I'll use. I was thinking some combination of the 2 but I think I'll get some white fabric maybe an eyelet for the back and the straps and use the red and white eyelet for the front. Or I was thinking making it in white and using the polka dot fabric for the band and strap. Before I can do all that I need to figure out sizing.

Update on My Almost Finished Project and First Project

I went to my sewing group last Saturday and got some well needed assistance and advice in regards to my Naughty Secretary Skirt. With a few alterations (a proper hem, waist, zipper that actually matches and better sizing) it will actually be finished and wearable! I'm excited!

For my first project Butterick B5181 I'll be cutting my pattern out of my "good fabric" in a few weeks. The goal is to get it done so I wear it before the weather changes. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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