Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Flouncy Tank Top Update

I started working on my Flouncy Tank Top. My sizing is all wrong. I made the pattern in a large to account for my bust. I don't really like how it looks as a shirt but if it were little longer and tweaked in some way (what way I have no idea) I think it would be a cute summer dress so that's what I may turn this into.

Ignore the jazz hands...

When I get my sizing correct this is the fabric I'll use. I was thinking some combination of the 2 but I think I'll get some white fabric maybe an eyelet for the back and the straps and use the red and white eyelet for the front. Or I was thinking making it in white and using the polka dot fabric for the band and strap. Before I can do all that I need to figure out sizing.


<3 Shawnta said...

Ok I'm just seeing your sewing blog!!! I'm such a spaz I swear....will you keep me as a online friend? :) I have the SEW book too!!! (along with a billion others) I think I want to make the yoga pants first!!!
Is that the same eyelet that I have lil piece of that I was drooling about?
Maybe you could belt the top?

SuzieC said...

I'll most defiantly keep you as my online friend! I love that sew book!! I bought a whole bunch of fabric to make a few things. I really want to make that cape. The yoga pants look so comfortable. I think the eyelet may be the same. I got that tiny piece at Joann's during one of their sales in the remnant bin.

I didn't think about belting the top, I'll try that!

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