Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Patterns and More Patterns

So what better thing to do after a sewing meeting than go to hit up the sale at JoAnn's!!

I stay cold so it's I always have some type of sweater or scarf on me.  I saw this wrap sweater thing  at H&M a few years back that was like $50. McCall's M5713 (top) is a good clone.  Still haven't figured out what fabric or color I'll make it in. I'm thinking, black or grey, brown and maybe a bright color.

M5269 (bottom left) reminds me of the Vouge dress I'm in love with, V8220, which of course they didn't have in my size.

I love views B and E in M5661 (bottom right) I think it'll look hot with a pencil skirt!

I also got M5193. I've been looking for blazer patterns and when I saw this I jumped on it.  It has a jacket, vest, skirt, pants, that's practically an entire wardrobe!

Right now I'm aiming to make the jacket. Here's the fabric and the buttons. 
I'm seriously obsessed with dresses, I have no clue how many dress patterns I have.  I love the retroness of Vouges V8413.  Right now my goal is view C.
The  fabric. You can barely see it but it's like a greyish black with grey lines.  Very pretty!

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Cennetta said...

Great pattern picks. Can't wait to see what you make.

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